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california, rest in peace

hey hey again!

I got back from my california adventure last week, and this evening I got the best. email. ever: my color film scans came in! i shot two and a half rolls in cali, one on the same bw porta 400 as last blog post, and 1.5 using kodak gold 200.

color film takes less time to be processed/scanned, so I got these in earlier even though I shot the bw film first. (it’s also a fair bit cheaper, and even though I initially thought I’d like the bw more, I think I prefer the color.)

when I get the bw film in, I’ll see about uploading a part 2 to this post. there are also a few santa monica pics that are on my still-in-use roll of film that sadly won’t make it into this one!

but, in the meantime…

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