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california, rest in peace

hey hey again!

I got back from my california adventure last week, and this evening I got the best. email. ever: my color film scans came in! i shot two and a half rolls in cali, one on the same bw porta 400 as last blog post, and 1.5 using kodak gold 200.

color film takes less time to be processed/scanned, so I got these in earlier even though I shot the bw film first. (it’s also a fair bit cheaper, and even though I initially thought I’d like the bw more, I think I prefer the color.)

when I get the bw film in, I’ll see about uploading a part 2 to this post. there are also a few santa monica pics that are on my still-in-use roll of film that sadly won’t make it into this one!

but, in the meantime…

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a return to moscow

I’m finally back with another travel post! These are my absolute favourite posts, because they include travel + pretty pictures... what more could one want? Plus, travel post comes almost exactly one year after my first ever travel post (and post on this site, period), which recounted my weekend trip to Roanoke.

And, this travel post is special, because it features not one, but TWO countries.

Last week, Taylor and I travelled to Moscow for my Easter Break. We spent six short, but successful days roaming the city. On the way there, and coming back, we had long layovers in Zurich. As a result, we got to spend two half days in Switzerland as well!

The only other European country I’ve been to is…

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charleston, sc

My boyfriend Taylor works at Embark Aviation, an airline planning and strategy firm that specializes in the management of commercial functions for airlines, private aviation, and resort destinations. The company had its quarterly work offsite trip this past weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, and I got to tag along!

Taylor and I arrived in Charleston early Thursday morning. After getting downtown, we…

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in nyc

Over the weekend I went on a short trip to NYC! This was my third time visiting New York. The first two times I went were both this past winter, in February over President's Day weekend and in March for my ABP trip (read more about that here).

As such, this was my first time…

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