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a house tour

Earlier this year I wrote about how Taylor and I had bought a house. Now, after having lived in Baltimore for almost a month, I’m excited to finally publish this house tour blog post!

This is the end result (more or less) of multiple trips to IKEA, countless of hours assembling furniture items (well, watching Taylor assemble them), strategising over the best places to hang paintings, and making sure everything is just so…

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new house, new job, more school

This is a blog post of MANY UPDATES! It’s also my twentieth post overall on my site! 🎉

As some of you may know, Taylor and I have been planning to buy a home in Baltimore for a while. We started taking RedFin tours back in September, just to get a sense of what’s out there..

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rawlings conservatory

I don’t usually post three times in a month, but because I only posted once in September, and because this is an amazing set of images, I decided to make a rare exception.

I had a nine day Thanksgiving break, thanks to my Tuesday classes cancelling the week before and not having class on the following Monday. My original plan was to get a lot of work done before finals season really started.

Did this happen? No. But I at least tried… kind of.

Despite not getting as much done as I could have, I did have a lovely Thanksgiving break. Although my boyfriend and I didn’t cook a turkey…

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love LOFT GSP event

On Thursday, November 8, I had a wonderful opportunity to get some new professional clothing from LOFT. This was made possible through a collaboration between LOFT Outlet and the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP).

GSP is an initiative of Georgetown University that supports low-income and first-generation college students financially, academically, and emotionally.

I’m very thankful for GSP and proud to be …

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