introducing portraits of european monarchy

I NOW HAVE TWO KITTENS! Please welcome (if you haven't already bc I've been posting pics EVERYWHERE) the newest additions to my apartment, Charlemagne and Napoleon.

I'm hoping to post a monthly photo series of the pair on the blog, so stay tuned for reoccurring images of these European Monarchs! (They will be tagged european monarchy series on the blog.)

I got Charlemagne and Napoleon at the Humane Society of Charles County in Waldorf, Maryland. I had been browsing PetFinder and came across a kitten I particularly liked there. Unfortunately, that particular kitten turned out to not be available. However, these two were! Their original names were Fig and Sunbeam. I was v happy to be able to adopt such a cute pair of kittens!

the royal pair on a royal chair

the royal pair...

on a royal chair

Charlemagne is the older and bigger of the two. He is the one with the white paws and slightly longer fur. He is very energetic and playful!

Meanwhile, Napoleon is a little more shy and reserved. It took him a day or so to stop hiding underneath the couch (and the table, and the chairs...). Now, however, he's starting to become more playful thanks to his older sibling!

Ultimately, I'm very glad to have gotten this pair together. They have bonded wonderfully and bring out the best in each other. They also look alike, but not too much alike to not be able to tell them apart.

As you can see from the pictures, they love toys, but their absolute favourite toy is the giant caterpillar that is attached to a stick. 

To conclude this first chapter in the Portraits series, let me just reiterate again how AMAZING these cats are! I can't wait to watch them grow.