carolina sosa

I'm excited to share my first portrait feature blog post! (Contact me if you'd like me to capture images of you, your friend, etc.)

Carolina has been my most frequent model since I met her three years ago. I'm very glad I did! In addition to a love of photography, we are in the same year at Georgetown AND have the same major.

We've had several past photo shoots. We've shot on campus, at farmers markets, in tunnels, at parks, by the cherry blossoms, during winter... you name it. Here are a few of my favourite images from past times:

Our latest shoot came just a few days before she'll travel to Ecuador to spend the fall semester. We shot around the waterfront in Georgetown and at the Kennedy Center.

I love that Carolina's shirt matched the pink flowers on the waterfront!

On the other hand, her outfit contrasted with the green leaves and orange flowers at the Kennedy Center. However, it worked! And sometimes, a plain white wall is the best backdrop.

Lastly, Carolina and I went up to the top of the Kennedy Center, which is an A M A Z I N G view.


Not only can you see the top of Healy Hall, but you can see the National Cathedral and the Russian Embassy. On a good day, you can even see the Basilica all the way in Brookland. On the other side, you can see my apartment in Pentagon City and the Masonic Memorial in Alexandria. It's incredible.

Hope you enjoyed these fantastic (if I do say so myself) portraits!