the painted press

It’s time for another ~product~ post!

I’ve been finding a lot of neat items on Etsy recently, including one of my new absolute favourite stores: The Painted Press.

The Painted Press makes personalized jewelry dishes at an affordable price. They can include names, initials, and the loveliest watercolor artwork!

I purchased a custom landscape ring dish for my mom for mother’s day. I wanted the dish to depict a watercolor rendering of three houses: the one my mom grew up in, the one she lives in now, and the one where I live. Lastly, I requested that the dish have the caption: “siempre estoy contigo.”

I sent in photos to the painted press, and just a few days later, they sent me the finished product!

My mom adored it, and I knew that I wanted a dish of my own too.

However, I couldn’t decide on another landscape, so I got the ‘best day ever’ floral design instead. One of my favourite things about Etsy is that you can slightly customize ever item, since they’re made to order.

Instead of the pictured florals in the listing, I requested a sunflower + succulent design: my fave flower combo.

I received the finished dish today, and I’m completely in love!

Naturally, I had to take out my camera and do a mini-shoot. And fortunately, the ring I wear everyday + a stem from a bouquet of flowers that fell out made for the perfect set up.

The custom landscape dish was on the higher end of their products, but it was still only $35 including a proof of the artwork. The ‘best day ever’ dish was $22 with the floral design, and it’s only $17 for just the caption. These are great prices and the dishes ship fast—within three to five business days!

One last reason I love the painted press is that it’s a family business primarily employed by college-age students. I love supporting initiatives like this!

If you’re ever in need of a unique, personalized, & custom gift, definitely keep The Painted Press in mind :)