in nyc

Over the weekend I went on a short trip to NYC! This was my third time visiting New York. The first two times I went were both this past winter, in February over President's Day weekend and in March for my ABP trip (read more about that here).

As such, this was my first time experiencing New York City in the heat, and it was definitely hot. Like, too hot. 

However, there were some things that made the heat bearable, such as seeing Central Park all green, with the fountains actually running. 

Even though I was only in NYC for two days, I did a ton of stuff:

I went to the Guggenheim, where they were exhibiting work by Giacometti. At the Guggenheim, I also saw a short film titled Asia One, which is pretty hard to describe, but was certainly interesting. And of course, the Guggenheim building itself is pretty neat, being designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and all.

Next, I walked across the High Line, a park and walkway that is built on top of an old rail line.

The highlight of my first day was getting to see Hamilton: An American Musical at the Richard Rogers Theatre. What a fancy theatre! What a great musical!

The next day, I visited the Tenement Museum again, this time to see a different tour titled Under One Roof. It was just as interesting as the first tour! I'd like to go again the next time I'm in NYC.

I also headed down to Battery Park, to enjoy the beautiful views.

Lastly, I visited Baba's Pierogies in Brooklyn and had classic and mac & cheese pierogies. They were delicious! Earlier in the day, I also went to Print, and had magnificent french toast.

Print NYC

To get back to Manhattan and board the bus home, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, which led me to some spectacular views.

I'm definitely looking forward to my next trip!