my conference week

Hi all! I haven’t been blogging as much recently, but I’m hoping to change that going forward.

A lot has been happening these past few weeks!

Most importantly, I presented two research projects at three different events this past week. Firstly, I was able to present my thesis research at the 2019 Georgetown University Round Table. I created a poster online through, which came out wonderfully.

Then, on April 5, I first gave a presentation about my DC metro research at the Association of American Georgraphers 2019 Annual Meeting. I last discussed this project almost exactly a year ago, so it was a little difficult to go back to it, but it was also nice to remind myself of such an interesting topic.

Lastly, I presented my thesis research once again, this time in the form of a presentation, at the formal Culture and Politics thesis defense. Although I wasn’t able to prepare as much as I might have liked, I still think I was able to explain my research pretty well! You can read more about this work on my research page.

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presenting mode…

at the Georgetown University Round Table

In other news, Taylor and I are hard at work re: our new house! We’ve been to IKEA multiple times over the past several weeks to pick up new furniture and have almost finished assembling everything. Now, we just need a few more items. And of course, we need to start packing! We’re officially moving in less than three weeks.

Yesterday, in between assembling furniture, we took a break to explore Patterson Park amidst the blooming cherry and magnolia blossoms.

Plus, we got delish ice cream from Bmore Licks. All in all, it was the perfect day!

Enjoy some iPhone images below (thx to the wonders of portrait mode):