rawlings conservatory

I don’t usually post three times in a month, but because I only posted once in September, and because this is an amazing set of images, I decided to make a rare exception.

I had a nine day Thanksgiving break, thanks to my Tuesday classes cancelling the week before and not having class on the following Monday. My original plan was to get a lot of work done before finals season really started.

Did this happen? No. But I at least tried… kind of.

Despite not getting as much done as I could have, I did have a lovely Thanksgiving break. Although my boyfriend and I didn’t cook a turkey (we had beef tacos instead), we spent the whole day together with our cats. I’d definitely consider that a win!

The day after, Taylor and I went to Baltimore to explore Rawlings Conservatory. The Conservatory boasts the second oldest Victorian-style greenhouse in the country, and also three additional botanical gardens featuring plants from three different regions.

It was so beautiful!

The first region was the Mediterranean House, featuring flora from the Mediterranean region.

Lemons, olives, and greenery, oh my!

The second region—my favuorite—was the Tropical House. There were banana trees, lilac-coloured flowers, and last but not least a koi pond. A koi pond! I got to feed the fishes for a quarter.

The last region was the Desert House. I appreciated the chance to return, albeit momentarily, to a New Mexican-like environment.

Last but not least, the Palm House and the Orchid Room were extraordinary.

I couldn’t get the best images of them because of the size of the trees and the buildings themselves, so just believe me when I tell you that you absolutely must visit and see for yourself!

To commemorate this visit, I bought a terrarium that is now currently hanging in my apartment (but is pictured on display below).

Hope you enjoyed this long-ish, extra blog post!