love LOFT GSP event

On Thursday, November 8, I had a wonderful opportunity to get some new professional clothing from LOFT. This was made possible through a collaboration between LOFT Outlet and the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP).

GSP is an initiative of Georgetown University that supports low-income and first-generation college students financially, academically, and emotionally.

I’m very thankful for GSP and proud to be a member of the program. The GSP family has been especially welcoming and supportive, from hosting discussions and weekly dinners, to helping me pay for the GRE and grad school applications.

They also sent out invites to every senior girl in GSP for an exclusive shopping event!

LOFT has been hosting this event for the past eight years. During the event, the LOFT store on Wisconsin Ave closed for the evening. They had lots of food and drinks, and even brought in stylists from NYC.

I especially appreciated the Georgetown Cupcakes and cute chicken pot pies:

The generous people at LOFT also gave every GSP girl a $250 gift card, PLUS everything in-store was 50% off for the night, which meant we all effectively got the equivalent of $500 to spend.

With the stylists’ help, I was able to add some important, staple outfits to my wardrobe. The store employees also took Polaroids of everyone at the event, which was an added bonus to the already-amazing night!

Here’s a quick run down of the clothing items I decided to get:

1. I’ve never been a fan of the winter (or being cold), but I’ve ALSO never been a fan of wearing coats. However, I picked up this amazingly warm peacoat, which might just change my mind about wearing winter wear:

2. Though I’m usually a dress person, I do recognize the need to wear non-dresses every once in a while. As a result, I got a few nice blouses:

3. Of course, nice blouses need a great pair of pants to go with. This pair was particularly comfy and stylish:

4. Last but not least, I ~had~ to still get one dress, right? Though I was initially torn between a black dress (lbd) and a grey one, I felt like the latter was more unique and fit my style best:

5. Bonus: I also grabbed a pair of black tights as I all my current ones have holes in them, and LOFT through in an extra pair in a small gift bag they gave each person! (I didn’t get a photo of these though because eh).

Overall, I had a *marvelous* time on Thursday and am very grateful to GSP and LOFT for putting on such a fab event!