one (& 1/2) month in: an academic update

My last first day of undergraduate classes was almost six weeks ago! I can’t believe the semester is already half way over. I meant to post this update at the one-month mark, but September and October have been so busy! Thankfully, November should be a little more calm.

Despite the business, this has been one of my favourite semesters at Georgetown so far.

This is the first semester (and probably only semester) that I’m not taking ANY core requirements. I’m taking all linguistics classes, and it’s great!

Specifically, I’m taking:

  • LING-479: Language Policy with Dr. Nicholas Subtirelu

  • LING-483: Discourse Analysis: Narrative with Dr. Heidi Hamilton

  • LING-553: SLA/Bilingualism with Dr. Nicholas Subtirelu

  • I’m also registered for 3 credits of thesis work, plus 1 for a weekly collaborative workshop with other students writing CULP theses

Next week, I’ll be heading back home to NM to do some research and data collection for my thesis. Though I’ve only just begun writing, I think that I’m on schedule to have a fully finished piece of work to show in April! I’ll be presenting my findings so far at a conference on October 25, sponsored by the CULP Department.

I’m also working on projects related to heritage language speakers and ideas about bilingualism for my other classes.

Though I’m only taking 3 actual classes, I feel as if I’ve got a full schedule. But the work, so far, has been manageable. Next semester, I’ll only be taking 2 classes, plus finishing up the thesis. Hopefully that’ll go just as smoothly as this semester is going so far!

In other related news, today I took the GRE for the second time, and improved by 4 points on the verbal section! I’m very pleased.

I’ve also been hard at work on my graduate school applications… I’ve finished drafts of 2 of my statements of purpose, and only have 3 more to go! All of the programs I’m applying to look promising, but my (tentative) first choice remains the PhD in Educational Linguistics program at the University of Pennsylvania.

I should know where I’m going by mid-March to April… crazy!

I think that about covers this semester in a nutshell. I’ll try to post another update at the end!