exciting ~linguistic~ news

Exciting news!

I’ve submitted an abstract to my very first non-Georgetown academic conference and it has been accepted!

I will be presenting my Back 2 Good research on the language accessibility of the DC metro system at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting in April 2019.

I will be featured in a session on Linguistic Geography. This session will feature presentations that touch upon how “language is often shaped by space, and our ideas of space are in turn conveyed through language.” Further, the “interdisciplinary session examines different ways in which landscape and language are connected, methods for analyzing their relationship, and the impact they have on our understanding of the world.”

You can read the full abstract of my presentation on the research page of my site.

Thanks to Dr. Ortega for sponsoring me by providing the funds to attend the conference!

I’m very excited for the opportunity.

Until then, I’ll be polishing and finessing my write-up for this presentation/paper.

FURTHERMORE, today I presented my preliminary findings for my senior honors thesis. (You can view this under the thesis section of my research page!) Hopefully, I’ll be able to present my full findings next semester at the Georgetown University Round Table!

Meanwhile, graduate school applications are still going strong(ish)… I’ll have to finish them pretty soon though!