poetry in motion

I recently updated the poetry section of my website, so I thought I’d share a few of my old poems on the blog today in order to celebrate! Here goes my first poetry blog post… (thx to Taylor for owning a typewriter for this great accompanying image)

Although I’ve been writing poems since forever, I only started submitting to literary magazines and chapbooks in 2015. That year, one of my poems (“An Autobiography”) was quickly shared across Tumblr, and even made it onto PoemsPorn, a popular writing hub that features work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It went kind of viral on Instagram, receiving over 19000 likes!

All of my published poetry to date can be found on the poetry page of my site, but I’ve written several other pieces that are near and dear to my heart that have only appeared in school chapbooks, my iPhone notes app, and Google Drive.

Enjoy a few of my all time favourites below…

hellenic myth was written in sophomore year of high school & inspired by The Great Gatsby, becoming brave also has a Greek myth theme going on, and apprehension is a short + sweet haiku:

table of contents

  1. hellenic myth

  2. becoming brave

  3. apprehension

hellenic myth

She preferred you as a tragedy:
the kind of Greek hero she was meant to fall for,
all too impulsive & just the slightest bit ironic

considered you kinetic
saw potential energy in your motionless limbs
marvelled at the way you produced something more than static

she heard you laughing
frothing underneath a milkshake of stars
sipping in a constellation with every turbulent breath

she adored it when you spoke tridents at her shish-kabob heart
worshipped the way you shook her hipbones like San Andreas
& cherished your ribcage with careless hands

You preferred heaviness:
that way, when she tried to use your torso as a lifesaver
both of you started drowning

you knew that was the only way she’d learn how to swim

you wanted to bring her to her darkest
so you could sun chariot a way across her atmosphere,
stunning as Polaris

she became the second coming of Icarus
& you rejoiced when she found a way to keep from plummeting

you strived to keep her city-states safe
attempted to foster patience like Penelope
warded away every suitor that serenaded her

Her hubris used to be hamartia
until you offered up a half and half attitude
now, she’s got one less sin harbouring in her asteroid belt

she swallows Heracles down like guilt,
hoping each of his labours grants her a lifespan

You weren’t sure if she preferred flirting to trigger warnings
but she’s streamlining her streetlight transformations—
astonishing your canvas heart with meteor shower strokes

Years from now, you’ll trace sand back to the Atlas bearing days
when her Spartan reared children warred against your shoulders
like skyfall

she’ll remember the bronzing of her skin
the way bite marks do chapped up lips,
thinking these two tone times are golder than the ichor she always wanted

and as she doubles over rapids to birth children like ships,
your helter-skelter love story becomes her Hellenic myth

becoming brave

I’ve been wondering lately
whether Icarus knew he would perish
by grasping for the sun too tightly

and I’ve decided that it wouldn’t have made a difference
either way because I reach out to you
even though my hands blister. In this,

I remind myself that Robert Frost was right.
I’m telling you that I will bear the heat in my cheeks
and the dryness of my lips
even though I have always
been afraid of fire. Our love

does not have to flicker. Let it take after
the sunflowers, so that I may follow you

wherever you choose to go.


There’s nervousness here.
But what is life without fire
dancing in your limbs?

I don’t write as much as I used to, which I suppose is a little sad. 2015 was a year of many changes, and I guess I might just not be as inspired as I used to. But looking through some of my old pieces, I feel tempted to start again…