fitness shoot with carolina

Hello, 2019!

Though so far I haven’t exactly excelled at my new year’s resolutions from last blog post, I’m starting out this year with a bang nevertheless.

My dear friend Carolina, who I’ve photographed numerous times before, just came back from a semester abroad in Ecuador and we met up to do yet another shoot last week.

Per her request, this shoot was fitness themed! Carolina brought along several outfit changes and accessories such as water bottles, watches, and jackets, and I brought my AirPods.

We shot at Gravelly Point Park, a neat outdoor space where you can enjoy the views of the Potomac, the monuments, and planes flying overhead as they begin to land at the airport. This made for a very scenic shoot!

Although it was the beginning of January, the weather was gorgeous: 60 degrees and sunny. Of course now, just one week later, we’ve gotten inches of snow and it’s supposed to happen again soon. Sigh.

Anyways, please enjoy the highlights of the shoot below:

A plethora of airplane shots, because there are really that many flights to DCA:

And lastly, some of my personal faves:

As always, pls let me know if you or anyone else you know would like to set up a shoot!

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