an end of summer sunflower engagement

this is a short post, just to say that taylor + I are engaged!!!

we had been waiting to go to the jarrettsville sunflower field for a while, and this past weekend they finally bloomed. we went on the first Saturday that the field was open, so there were enough sunflowers to see, but also some still growing…

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california, rest in peace

hey hey again!

I got back from my california adventure last week, and this evening I got the best. email. ever: my color film scans came in! i shot two and a half rolls in cali, one on the same bw porta 400 as last blog post, and 1.5 using kodak gold 200.

color film takes less time to be processed/scanned, so I got these in earlier even though I shot the bw film first. (it’s also a fair bit cheaper, and even though I initially thought I’d like the bw more, I think I prefer the color.)

when I get the bw film in, I’ll see about uploading a part 2 to this post. there are also a few santa monica pics that are on my still-in-use roll of film that sadly won’t make it into this one!

but, in the meantime…

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first encounters with 35mm

As you should (probably) know, I’m really into photography. And recently, I’ve been trying to get into film photography.

I inherited a couple film cameras from my boyfriend’s mom about a year ago, and I’ve been experimenting with them ever since. The Pentax most intrigued me, especially since its entirely manual, but I found it a bit too difficult to use as a complete beginner. As a result, I decided to focus more heavily on the Canon EOS film camera: a bit more modern, so a bit easier to handle.

I also decided to start out with black and white film, so that I didn’t have to worry about getting the color composition right just yet. So I started out with Kodak Porta 400 ISO black & white negative film.

Even though…

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urban teachers summer institute

It hasn’t been too long since my last post, but a lot has sure happened in the last few weeks.

Firstly, I started working!

I had my orientation for Urban Teachers Baltimore last week, and have now spent just under a week working at my clinical site, learning how to be an effective teacher.

Over the summer, I’m working with rising 6th and 7th graders, which so far has been a lot of fun. My school year placement is still TBA, but I’d like to stay with the same grades or maybe work in a high school.

Orientation was pretty exhausting, but it was also very enriching..

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a house tour

Earlier this year I wrote about how Taylor and I had bought a house. Now, after having lived in Baltimore for almost a month, I’m excited to finally publish this house tour blog post!

This is the end result (more or less) of multiple trips to IKEA, countless of hours assembling furniture items (well, watching Taylor assemble them), strategising over the best places to hang paintings, and making sure everything is just so…

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